★ List of settlements in Northern Ireland by county - places ..


★ List of settlements in Northern Ireland by county

  • List of places in County Antrim.
  • List of places in County Armagh.
  • List of places in County Londonderry.
  • List of places in County Fermanagh.
  • List of places in County Tyrone.
  • List of places in County Down.
  • places in West Sussex List of places in Wiltshire List of places in Worcestershire List of places in Yorkshire List of places in Northern Ireland List of places
  • County Londonderry Irish Contae Dhoire Ulster - Scots: Coontie Lunnonderrie also known as County Derry, is one of the six counties of Northern Ireland
  • County Armagh is one of six counties that together make up Northern Ireland It is also one of the 32 counties of Ireland County Armagh lies in the north - east
  • County Antrim is one of the six counties of Northern Ireland It is in the province of Ulster. It is named after its former county town, Antrim. The name
  • County Down, Contae an Duin in Irish - meaning the Fort is one of six counties that form Northern Ireland and one of the nine counties of the ancient
  • Donegal is a county in Ulster, Ireland It is north of Leitrim and east of Northern Ireland North - South Ministerial Council: 2006 Annual Report in Ulster Scots
  • County Louth Irish Contae Lu is a county on the east coast of Ireland on the border with Northern Ireland The county town is Dundalk, which is also
  • County Cavan in Gaelic, Contae an Chabhain is a county in Ireland It is part of the Border Region as it is on the border with Northern Ireland It
  • Border Region, as it borders Northern Ireland It is named after the town of Monaghan. 60, 483 people live in the county according to the 2011 census.
  • a Local Council in County Antrim in Northern Ireland It merged with Ballymena Borough Council and Carrickfergus Borough Council in May 2015. 32, 180
  • community in the Conwy County Borough, Wales. It is located on the Creuddyn Peninsula, which protrudes into the Irish Sea, in the historic county of Caernarfonshire
  • Resident Population: KS101NI administrative geographies Census 2011. Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency. Retrieved October 4, 2013. CS1 maint:
  • Ballycastle is a small town in Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom. On 29 April 2001, the United Kingdom government had a census and saw that there
  • Dundalk Irish Dun Dealgan is a town in County Louth, Republic of Ireland near the border with Northern Ireland It takes its name from Dun Dealgan
  • is a town in Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom. The actor Liam Neeson and the politician and church minister Ian Paisley used to live in the town
  • Rathlin Island, off the coast of County Antrim, Northern Ireland is a popular location for tourists to go. Many people looking to get away from life on
  • is said to the largest naval airbase in the world. Virginia Beach has three Sister Cities: Bangor, Northern Ireland Miyazaki, Japan Moss, Norway American
  • Toome or Toomebridge is a village in Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom. It is 7 miles 11 km from Magherafelt and 11 miles 18 km from Antrim
  • is similar to English that is spoken in Scotland. Ulster Scots is a form of Scots found in the north of Ireland Scots is very different from the Scottish
  • This is a list of notable people who died from coronavirus disease 2019 COVID - 19 coming from the virus SARS - CoV - 2 that first spread during the global
  • of the Peace of Ireland more commonly referred to as the Gardai Guards is the police force of the Republic of Ireland The service is headed by the
  • Port of Manchester. The county of Greater Manchester was made in 1974. The county was made from cities and towns in southern Lancashire and northern Cheshire
  • Sunderland is in North East England. It was a county borough, and is now part of the City of Sunderland in Tyne and Wear. It sits at the mouth of the River
  • prestige and wealth were demonstrated by the number of slaves he owned. In the Northern United States, by the time of the Civil War, slavery had been abolished
  • successful English settlements were the Colony of Virginia in Jamestown in 1607 and the Pilgrims Plymouth Colony in 1620. The 1628 chartering of the Massachusetts
  • heard in the Cook County Circuit Court of the State of Illinois court system, or in the Northern District of Illinois, in the federal system. In the former
  • Central Bureau of Statistics reports 1, 850 new housing units in the Jewish settlements Israel built in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 2003, up by 35 percent
  • United States to have African slaves. 60 years later, in the early years of the Chesapeake Bay settlements colonial officials found it difficult to convince
  • the list was the Aachen Cathedral in Germany in 1978. The list below uses a definition of Western Europe which includes the United Kingdom and Ireland Site
  • President of the Swedish Municipal Workers Union 1977 1988 and Governor of Orebro County 1989 1994 COVID - 19. Bobby McKee, Northern Irish politician

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