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Waistline (clothing)

★ Waistline (clothing)

The waistline is the part of a piece of clothing that sits on the wearers waist. The actual position of the waitline can be different depending on the fashion or how the person chooses to wear the garment, but it is normally just above the hips.

Waistlines can be secured with a variety of methods, such as buttons, knots and zippers. A waistband is a strip of elastic rubber that adjusts to keep the item tight against the body.

  • Waistline can mean several things: Waist, the narrow point of the human body between the ribcage and hips Waistline clothing part of clothing that sits
  • fashion, basque means a closely fitted bodice or jacket extending past the waistline over the hips. From 20th century or later, basque also refers to certain
  • forces. Then fashion changed and men s clothes became informal, with lower waistlines and belts. Now they are a minority item. As, for example, the red braces
  • the dresses worn by Western women had more types than other years. The waistline of the dresses moved from under the breasts to the natural waist. Skirts

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