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  • Myanmar is a country in Southeast Asia. Its full name is the Republic of the Union of Myanmar It is also sometimes called Burma Myanmar is a country
  • Myanmar also known as Burma was first at the Olympic Games in 1948. The International Olympic Committee s official abbreviation for Myanmar is MYA.
  • of Myanmar See also: Flags of the Burmese states and regions Flag of the Philippines Flag of Singapore See also: List of Singaporean flags Flag of Thailand
  • of Bandarban flew the flag of Burma for a few days. During the Bangladesh War of 1971 which was fought to gain independence from Pakistan, leaders of
  • Yangon, also known as Rangoon, is the largest city in Myanmar It was also the capital city until 2006. The city is by a river called Hlaingthayar, and
  • Europe Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Lebanon Malaysia Maldives Mongolia Myanmar   Nepal North Korea Oman Pakistan Philippines Qatar Russia Note:
  • Arakan is a Burmese state on the western coast of Myanmar It is next to Bangladesh. The term Rakhine may have come from the Pali word Rakkhapura from
  • Sultanate of Rum. Llywelyn ap Gruffyd is subdued by King Edward I of England in the First Welsh War. St George s cross is first used as the flag of England
  • Asia. The capital of Laos is Vientiane. Laos is landlocked it does not have a coast on a sea or ocean It is bordered by Myanmar used to be known in
  • homeland. The Partition of British India into the modern - day countries of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar which was called Burma at the time In India
  • modern Olympics was Anastasios Andreou in 1896. He competed under the Greek flag At this time, Cyprus was a British colony. The olympics does not recognise
  • Bharat and Myanmar Burma on the south - eastern corner. It is near the People s Republic of China, Bhutan, Sikkim and Nepal. The Bay of Bengal is situated
  • of Korea Retrieved 27 October 2008. Keun Min. Greetings Jeju Special Self - Governing Province. Retrieved 10 November 2010. Myanmar gets new flag
  • and Myanmar Its name was Siam until June 1939 and between 1945 and May 11 1949. The word Thai ไทย comes from the ethnic group in the center of Thailand
  • recognized by the International Olympic Committee in 1993. List of IOC country codes List of flag bearers for Azerbaijan at the Olympics Media related to Azerbaijan
  • January 16 - Teacher s Day Thailand January 16 - Flag Day Israel January 17 - Roman Catholic feast day of St. Anthony January 18 - Royal Thai Armed Forces
  • Liberation Army at Lhasa in the eighties. It was also trained by the NSCN in Myanmar during this time. This short article about the military can be made longer
  • of India. February 14, 1779 - James Cook is killed by local people in the Hawaiian Islands. February 15, 1965 - The Maple Leaf Flag becomes the Flag of
  • and it has certain attributes associated with independent nations: its own flag currency for some members and law - making abilities, as well as diplomatic
  • Olympics, three athletes from the region of the Netherlands Antilles competed under the flag of the IOC. As of 2008, Jan Boersma is the only Netherlands
  •  Australia Austria Belgium Bermuda Brazil British Guiana Burma Canada Ceylon Chile Republic of China Colombia Cuba Czechoslovakia Denmark Ethiopia
  • 1992, 12 of the 15 countries that had been part of the Soviet Union took part in the Games as the Unified Team. They used the Olympic Flag in the Barcelona
  • Dominica November 3 Independence Day Federated States of Micronesia November 4 Flag Day Panama November 4 National Unity and Armed Forces Day
  • Antilles will be a part of the unified Olympic team under the IOC flag Some athletes have said that they want to be a part of either the Netherlands or
  • the Bay of Bengal on the southeast. It has seven neighbors: Pakistan in north - west, China, Nepal and Bhutan in north, Bangladesh an Myanmar in east and
  • bright dawn of May Morocco - Hymne Cherifien Mozambique - Patria Amada, formerly Viva, Viva a FRELIMO Myanmar - Gba Majay Bma We Shall Love Burma Namibia
  • SAR of the PRC.  The administrative capital of Myanmar was officially moved from Yangon Rangoon to a militarised greenfield just west of Pyinmana
  • 1902 The Flag of New Zealand is adopted. 1922 - Irish War of Independence: In Belfast, Northern Irish policemen break into the home of a Catholic family
  • Star of India the emblem of the Order, also appeared on the flag of the Viceroy of India. The Order is the senior order of chivalry of the Empire of India
  • Braun commit suicide. On the same day, Red Army troops raise the Soviet flag on the Reichstag building. 1945 World War II: American forces take Munich

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