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An occultation is an event that occurs when one object is hidden by another object that passes between it and the observer. A planet, for example, can pass in front of a star. Some occultations are eclipses. The word is often used in astronomy. It can also be used in a non-astronomical sense to describe when an object in the foreground occults objects in the background.

  • Occult refers to an area of knowledge or thought that is hidden. The word occult has many uses in the English language. Often it means knowledge that lies
  • 2187: Triple conjunction Mars - Saturn September 2, 2197: Venus occults Spica last occultation of Spica by Venus was on November 10, 1783 In 2197, Joel Rifkin
  • x260c and handwritten: Occultations of Saturn by Jupiter Archived 2005 - 04 - 10 at the Wayback Machine Image of 2001 occultation of Saturn by the Moon Archived
  • and the 6th year of the 2060s decade. November 22: Venus occults Jupiter, the first occultation involving two planets since January 3, 1818. The next one
  • planet. It was seen on 30th June 2006 when it occulted TYC 6854 - 00630. The length of time the occultation lasted 9.52 seconds equates to a size of at
  • 1818 is a common year in the Gregorian calendar. January 3: Venus occulted block from view Jupiter. February 12: Chile became independent from Spain
  • Cancer of unknown primary origin CUP, occult cancer is a term used to describe a cancer that is said to be at the metastatic stage at the time of diagnosis
  • Larry A. Lebofsky and David J. Tholen based on ground - based stellar occultation observations on May 24, 1981, and given the designation S 1981 N 1 and
  • Antiope system maintained by F. Marchis includes images and simulated occultation movies. ESO Press - Release published on May 29, 2007 Archived April 3
  • 2003 Occultation of GSC 23450183 by 704 Interamnia on 1996 December 17 dia: 329 km rotation period of 8.70 - 0.06 hours Interamnia Occultations Observed
  • destination, HD 10307 star. October 1 Occultation of Regulus by Venus. The last was on July 7, 1959. The next occultation of Regulus by Venus will occur on
  • called Fiona Phillips, played by Cara Delizia. She was obsessed with the occult She was the daughter of a singer named Molly Phillips, played by Mackenzie
  • Earth and Moon move. When the Sun is not involved, the event is called occultation The word comes from the ancient Greek noun ἔκλειψις ekleipsis which
  • small group of people. Esotericism also describes mystical, spiritual or occult viewpoints point of view Esotericism studies Gnosticism, Yoga, Alchemy
  • Aryan race was first used as a category of people but was later used by occult movements such as Theosophy. It was also later used by Nazis and white supremacists
  • Haumea, after a Hawaiian god of childbirth and fertility. A stellar occultation observed on January 21, 2017 and described in an October 2017 Nature
  • is an Irish writer of fantasy literature and occultism His most known work is the book titled Occult Reich published in 1974. The book explains various
  • planet Venus goes between the Sun and Earth. It is a syzygy and a partial occultation of the Sun. When a transit happens, Venus can be seen as a small black
  • happens. It may refer to several different things: Chaos magic, a branch of occultism Chaos mythology the concept in classical creation stories Randomness
  • alchemists used metals like gold or silver to represent spiritual or occult ideas. People in many different countries studied alchemy. In the 1600s
  • in some occult organisations, such as the Golden Dawn, the A A and Ordo Templi Orientis O.T.O. and is better known today for his occult books and
  • of books by J. K. Rowling are usually because people say the books have occult or Satanic parts. These sayings come from some Protestant, Catholic, and
  • dead Voodoo J. Gordon Melton, ed. 2001 Black Magic Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology. Vol 1: A L Fifth ed. Gale Research Inc. ISBN 0 - 8103 - 9488 - X
  • Charon s Radius and Density from the Combined Data Sets of the 2005 July 11 Occultation submitted to the Astronomical Journal, February 3, 2006 Cryovolcanism
  • Left Hand Path is a term used in occultism for one kind of spiritual path. It is the opposite of the Right Hand Path, which is what most people think
  • mission by ISRO s ground stations IDSN Initial results of the radio occultation experiment in the Venus orbiter mission Akatsuki PDF 2017. Archived
  • spell the word magic This spelling was used by Aleister Crowley for occult magic of Thelema. He wanted to make it clear that he did not mean stage
  • decks having four suits of the same length. They were invented not for occult purposes but purely for gaming. In 1781, Court de Gebelin published an essay
  • Agrippa von Nettesheim 14 September 1486 18 February 1535 was a German occult writer, astrologer, and alchemist. Agrippa was born in Cologne in 1486.

  • is a commonly held belief that Hitler and the Nazi Party practiced the occult This idea has been part of popular culture since 1959. There are many documentaries

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