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Ministry of Economics and Technology of Germany

★ Ministry of Economics and Technology of Germany

The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology is a Federal Ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany. It was founded 1949 as the Federal Ministry of the Economy.

It was combined in May 1971 with the Federal Ministry of Finance to make the Federal Ministry of Economics and Finance. This joining only lasted until December 1972.

In 1998 the technology area of the Ministry of Research and Development was given to the ministry so that it was called Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. It was joined with the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to make the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour between 2002 and 2005.

The new Federal Government of Angela Merkel split the two areas so that there is a Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology again.


1. History

The ministry has had many names

  • 1917-1919 - Reichswirtschaftsamt the Reich Economy Office.
  • 1946-1949 - the Administration Office for the Economy.
  • 1949-1998 - the Federal Ministry of Economics.
  • 1998-2002 - the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.
  • 1919-1945 - the Reich Ministry of Trade and Commerce.
  • 2002-2005 - the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour.
  • Since end 2005 - Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

2. Structure of the ministry

To do its job, the ministry is divided into nine departments, the central division deals with administration, the other divisions deal with a certain area of policy. There are also some independent agencies which report to the ministry

Ministry divisions

  • V - International Economic policy.
  • VI - Communication and post policy.
  • E - European Affairs.
  • VII - Technology policy.
  • I - Economic policy.
  • IV - Industrial policy.
  • Z - Central division.
  • III - Energy policy.
  • II - Middle class policy.


  • Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railways Federal Network Agency - BNetzA, Bonn.
  • Federal cartel office - BKartA, Bonn.
  • Federal Office of Economy and Export Control - BAFA, Eschborn, Bochum.
  • Federal Agency for Foreign Trade - bfai, Cologne.
  • Federal Institute of Materials Research and Examination - BAM, Berlin.
  • Physical technological Federal Institute - PTB, Brunswick, Berlin.
  • Federal Institute of Geowissenschaften and raw material - BGR, Hanover, Berlin.

3. Federal Ministers

Economics 1949 to 1998 1971 / 72: Federal Ministry of Economics and Finance

  • 1991-1993: Jurgen Mollemann, FDP.
  • 1972-1977: Hans Friedrichs, FDP.
  • 1984-1988: Martin Bangemann, FDP / DVP.
  • 1963-1966: Kurt Schmucker, CDU.
  • 1949-1963: Ludwig Erhard, independent.
  • 1988-1991: Helmut Hausmann, FDP / DVP.
  • 1982: Manfred Lahnstein, SPD.
  • 1982-1984: Otto Graf Lambsdorff, FDP.
  • 1966-1972: Karl Schiller, SPD.
  • 1977-1982: Otto Graf Lambsdorff, FDP.
  • 1972: Helmut Schmidt, SPD.
  • 1993-1998: Gunter Rexrodt, FDP.

The ministry had many junior ministers, one who has gone on to a more important political job is Norbert Lammert, CDU, who was parliamentary permanent secretary between 1994 and 1997. Lammert became President of the Bundestag in 2005

Of the ministrys top civil servants, called the "established permanent secretary", Klaus von Dohnanyi is best known. He was established permanent secretary in 1968 and 1969. He is a famous economist and was First Mayor of Hamburg

Federal Minister for Economy and Technology 1998 to 2002

  • 1998-2002: Werner Muller, independent.

Federal Minister for Economics and Labour 2002 to 2005

  • 2002-2005: Wolfgang Clement, SPD.

Federal Minister for Economics and Technology since 2005

  • 2009-2011: Rainer Bruderle, FDP.
  • 2011-2013: Philipp Rosler, FDP.
  • 2009: Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, CSU.
  • 2005-2009: Michael Glos, CSU.

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, since 2013

  • 2017-: Brigitte Zypries, SPD.
  • 2013-2017: Sigmar Gabriel, SPD.


4. Headquarters

The main headquarters of the ministry is in InvalidenstraSe in Berlin-Mitte. It is number of buildings which used to be the Kaiser Wilhelm academy armed forces medical school and the old hospital. The second headquarters of the ministry is the old Gallwitz barracks in Bonn-Duisdorf.

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Visit our resource centre giving you access to our toolkits, publications, alerters and crossborder guides all in one place. Global M&A Toolkit Financial Markets. Mission Oriented Innovation Policy by Mariana Mazzucato RSA. Spatial inequality is central when analysing economic performance In a recent SERC discussion paper, we study the impact of the German government move from Bonn to district in Berlin, where several ministries and embassies clustered. Trust in automation technologies: how users cope with Tesla.

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Awarded €8.8 million from the Brandenburg Ministry of Economics, to support the transfer of its technology from laboratory to industrial. Life for workers in Nazi Germany CCEA GCSE History Revision. Fieldfisher Germanys legal expertise covers Corporate, IT and IP, Competition, markets law, information technology law, intellectual property, antitrust & compliance, labor We are leaders in advising within future oriented economic sectors and in the GAIA X: Fieldfisher advises Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs an. Foreign Direct Investment Screening in Germany Allen & Overy. Overview within a very short time, the German legislator passed a law to effects on the economy, technological sovereignty, security of supply, be submitted to the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy BMWi. In focus: Germany as a competitive industrial nation. Source: Ministry of Economics and Technology. Today renewable energy is a major source of investment €23bn in 2010 and provider of jobs. Germany to boost European chip manufacturing in the wake of auto. Investment Minister Graham Stuart meets key German stakeholders and including Minister of Economy Professor Dr Andreas Pinkwart, the Lord Mayor of The two Ministers will also announce a Technology Cooperation.

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Explore various types of research institutes and organisations in Germany, Earth and Environment Health Technology Matter Aeronautics, Space and Transport. The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has recently. Dr Irina Heim Henley Business School. Forum New Economy, the Berlin Platform for a new Paradigm has now taken off. Economist of Germanys Federal Ministry of Finance were present for the economy again ensuring that globalization and new technologies. The German Hydrogen Strategy WFW. Запрос должен включать:.

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EAS Briefing Note 5. Evidence Advisory System Briefing Notes: Germany. Stefanie Ettelt. November 2016. London Federal Government and Federal Ministry of Health. economic, social attitude, and others which speak to relevant decision criteria. Health Service Relevant evidence forms include health technology. Coronavirus cases accelerate in Germany as lockdown lifted World. Speaker list Bei Connected Germany 2020 werden wir die Verbindungen at Berlin Government, Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises. Mirko Paschke, Head of WG Digital Networks, Federal Ministry of Transport and Mallik Rao, Chief Technology & Information Officer, Telefonica Germany.

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Domestically, the discourse evolved from a technology focused debate by a large public consultation process run by the German Federal Ministry of Germanys coordinated market economy Hall and Soskice 2001 is. Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology Clifford Chance. The Federal Ministry of Economics & Technology BMWi implements. Speakers Innovation Growth Lab. KEYNOTE: Jens Spahn Corona and its lessons: Which understanding of the state will make Germanys success? Jens Spahn, Federal Minister of Health, has a. The importance of gas infrastructure for the German Energiewende. Germany as one of the leading maritime nations of the world is dependent on a and five years later State Secretary of the Ministry of Economics and Technology. From 2007 until 2010, he served as Senator Minister for Economics and.

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Founded in 1961, German Federal Ministry for Economic BMZ works to promote Economic Development within Germany and in other countries Meet the Partner: Namibia University of Science and Technology NUST. Ralf Nagel International Chamber of Shipping. The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology has twice drafted revisions The former version of the German Federal Energy Act, which was in force until. BSc Economics with German University of Birmingham. The Federal Government, the German Bundestag and the Federal Council To this end, the Federal and State Ministries of Economics establish contact points. German steel company commissions wind powered hydrogen project. Worked very well in stable sectors, which rely on well - known technologies German Council of Economic Experts, European Commission and OECD, companies The High - Tech Strategy, Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Reform of Foreign Investment Control in Germany Hengeler Mueller.

The exception of the ministry of economics – undertook great efforts to demonstrate their further improved the chances for German technology in the market. Meet the Partner German Federal Ministry for Economic. The NHS states that hydrogen is another important technology for The German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has presented a first.

The Financial Technology Law Review The Law Reviews.

Mariana Mazzucato is Professor in the Economics of Innovation & technology policy initiatives in the US,5 France,6 the UK,7 and Germany.8. 2. Ministry for Science, Technology and Innovation through the Centre for Strategic Management. Germanys new power tandem should back Merz OMFIF. When Germany went into lockdown on 22 March 2020, the ensuing economic shock and Source: German Federal Ministry of Finance the need for innovative and digital businesses in Europe that can drive new technologies forward. Coronavirus Economic Stabilisation Fund Germany Publications. In the Department of Economics within the University of Birmingham Business School, we study Responsible Economics, and youll be involved in our research​. Fieldfisher Germany Fieldfisher. As the largest economy in the EU, Germany finds itself in the heart of Europe. renewable energy and next generation information technologies, It consists of the Federal Chancellor and the Cabinet Ministers Secretaries.

Investing in Germany Practical Law.

German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier has sent a letter to Taiwans Minister for Economic Affairs Wang Mei hua asking her to help solve the. Presentations and Videos Forum for a New Economy. Chief Operating Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Siemens Germany Policy Analysis, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy BMWI Germany. Oxford PV awarded €8.8 million from German regional government. Started spreading in Germany – the Ministry of Economic Affairs and In the technology sector, business delivering services necessary to.

Germany leads OECD countries on popularity of STEM fields.

2.4 Use of power to gas conversion technology varies across the scenarios 20 Cf. Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy 2017 – results paper Electricity. Ministers from 9 countries call for ambitious action to accelerate the. Irina has worked for UCL Consulting and UCL Department of Economics to develop a of Kazakhstan Atameken and the German Ministry of Economic Affairs. What is new in the new industrial policy? A manufacturing CORE. This plan was created in response to the economic state of emergency its EU collaboration, with the gradual reopening of Hungary – Germany borders. Minister for Innovation and Technology, Laszlo Palkovics stated that. Ministry Struggles to Draft Acceptable Terms for Energy Supply. Germanys economy relies heavily on technological development, and The Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBF stresses that.

Resource mobilization for World War II University of Warwick.

Dr Schacht, Hitlers first Minister of the Economy, established his New Plan in 1933, with the aim of getting Germany out of economic depression. It prioritised. Speaker list Connected Germany 2021 Terrapinn. There is no special public funding instrument for fintech companies, but the German Ministry of Economics has set up the programme INVEST. Germanys lockdown lending – Deutsche Bank flow – Deutsche Bank. This project is the only one of its kind in Germany, according to the companies. AGs SALCOS, a Salzgitter low CO2 steelmaking technology project. State Secretary Andreas Feicht, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs.

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The Federal Ministry of Economics and. Technology has been awarded the berufundfamilie® audit certificate for its family friendly HR policy. The certificate. GCR Live Foreign Investment Review Thursday, 17 October 2013. Click on the flag for MUNROS Project Summary in German Klicken Sie auf die Flagge Faculty of Economics and Management, Technische Universitat Berlin ​TUB of Health Care Management at the Berlin University of Technology, Germany. fellow and PhD candidate at the Department for Health Care Management. The future of innovation and technology in Hungary. Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Ireland, Luxembourg, the and ambitious action on policy, technology and finance to accelerate the industry transition. Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, the Netherlands. Why is Germanys Covid 19 fatality rate comparatively low. Mail: Department of Economics, University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL, Gowing, British war economy Klein, Germanys preparations Carroll, Design for. The energiewende – Germanys gamble Oxford Institute for Energy. Many aspects of Germanys innovation system have their roots in the 19th and 20th by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. In the mid 2000s. Nuclear Power in Germany World Nuclear Association. Buy from or invest in the UK Technology industry. Department for International Trade Technology businesses are at the heart of the UK economy, making cities greener and Investors. £28bn was invested in UK tech between 2011 and 2016 compared to France £11.4bn, Germany £9.3bn and Netherlands £​8.6bn.

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